COVID-19 Updates

VON Oxford Sakura House is actively monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic with local, provincial and national health authorities. We will update this page and our social media accounts with the latest information, as it relates to Sakura House patients, families, volunteers and staff. Sakura House continues to care for patients and families during this coronavirus pandemic with our team of skilled and passionate staff.

If you have any questions about the Coronavirus pandemic and VON Sakura House’s protocols during this time, please call Janine Jackson, Care & Service Manager, Sakura House Residential Hospice at 519-537-8515 ext. 2. If you have any questions about donations, please contact  Fund Development at 226-888-7259. We are thinking about everyone in our community at this time. Stay safe and healthy.

APRIL 5 2022

Updated: Sakura House COVID-19 Visitor Policy
  1. All visitors are now permitted to visit the patients at Sakura House.

Visitors can be: family, friends, neighbors etc.

No visitor lists will be made on admission.

Visitors will continue to be screened at the door with COVID questions and new surgical mask given. Temperature checks are no longer required.

  1. Visitors can be either vaccinated OR non-vaccinated

Visitors who are vaccinated MUST show proof of vaccination with government issued ID to the greeter upon arrival x1. Greeter will place visitors name on sign in sheet as well as a list under the patient’s room number

Visitors who are NOT vaccinated– will be required to complete a daily rapid test (every 24 hours) prior to coming to Sakura House. Results of the test must be shown to the greeter upon entry. Swabs can be obtained at Sakura House

Children under 12 years of age– do not need to be vaccinated and do not need to complete rapid swab prior to coming to visit

Children over 12 years of age– need to show proof of vaccination and if not vaccinated- must complete rapid swab prior to every visit.

  1. Maximum of 3 visitors per patient allowed in Sakura House at a time

Children and grandchildren are able to visit and can be of any age.

Children under 1 year old- not included in the maximum number in Sakura House at a time

Children over 1 year- are included in the maximum of 3 visitors in Sakura House at a time.

Family with small children (under 12 years of age)- are considered a unit and can visit at one time.

  1. Visitors may visit in patient’s room for the duration of the visit or may visit the common rooms that are open- Great Room, Master Bedroom and Media Room. Masks must be worn. Kitchen remains closed. Visitors will continue to use patient washroom.
  2. Patients in isolation or not in isolation- Visitors only need to wear a mask.  If required to eat or drink- visitor must maintain 6 feet from patient, remove their mask, eat and drink and then apply mask and wash hands.