Meet The Team

Physician(s): Dr. Fryer, Dr. Sondhi, Dr. Collins, Dr. Lees, Dr. Korvemaker, Dr. Orchard, Dr. Mosey

A specialized Hospice Palliative Care Physician is available 24/7 who is responsible for expert management of pain and symptoms and end-of-life issues. They are in house daily as needed and on-call.

  • Sarah Hallock: 519-537-8515 x 5 (Administrative Assistant to Dr. Fryer, Dr. Collins and Dr. Sondhi)

Dr karen Fryerdr Jitin Sondhi

Registered Nursing Staff: Registered Nurses (RN) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) with relevant clinical experience and advanced education in Hospice Palliative Care that are in house 24/7 and responsible for hands-on care and support of patients and families.

Personal Support Workers: Personal Support Workers (PSW) with special education in Hospice Palliative Care and clinical experience in the field that are in house 24/7 and responsible for hands-on care and support of patients and families.

Manager, Home & Community Care: Janine Jackson

Coordinator, Volunteers & Kitchen: Jennifer Horwood

Coordinator of Administration: Danielle Wilmot

Social Worker: Leanna Dau (

Visits with each patient (and their family or friends) to address any psycho-social or psycho-education (End-of-life care) needs they may have. Provides linkages and information to community programs available for grief/loss bereavement to support families/friends. Follow-ups with families once resident passes away (phone call check-in) to extend support and reinforce community bereavement supports. Works with residents/families to do legacy work prior to death.

Fund Development Team

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, please contact the Fund Development Team. We also coordinate the annual Hike for Hospice and Handbags for Hospice. Our offices are located at VON Oxford, 550 Ingersoll Avenue, Woodstock, Ontario. General email inquiries about donations can go to or you can contact us directly:

Senior Manager, Fund Development: Kerry Blackwell

Fund Development Database Coordinator: Felise Jones




Fund Development Coordinator: Michelle Dykstra