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Sakura House is a Residential Hospice

Sakura House, located in Woodstock Ontario, is Oxford County’s only residential hospice and is operated by the Victorian Order of Nurses, Oxford Branch (VON Oxford). It is a palliative care facility where 24 hour end-of-life care is provided by a skilled team of healthcare professionals with the assistance of professionally trained volunteers at no cost to patients or their families.

Sakura House is a home where life is celebrated, fear and pain are eased, and families gather in comfort and peace to share memories and create new ones. The specialized palliative care provides a compassionate environment focused on living fully in comfort and dignity until the end of life. Sakura House feels and functions like a home. The focus of care is the patient and his/her family.

Patients can self refer or can be referred by family members, health and social agencies, medical professionals or clergy. The referrals will be coordinated through the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre) to help make the planning and transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

If you have any questions about how to connect with VON Sakura House for hospice care, please contact our Hospice Care Coordinator at 519-537-8515.

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